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As a non-profit organization, Westminster Canterbury relies on its Foundation to raise funds to support its residents and programs. Our volunteer Board of Directors seeks to create a culture of philanthropy and stewardship that empowers donors to make transformative gifts that represents their passions to support the mission of Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg.


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Our Home, Our family, Our Future: Mission 2020 Campaign a Success

The Mission 2020 Capital Campaign for Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg is complete and we finished strong!

More than 340 people made charitable gifts to this two-year initiative which raised over $2.35 million toward the costs required to renovate our dining and wellness areas, and construct the new Drinkard Healthcare Center. We are very grateful for all the donors who have made gifts to this important effort.

This effort was successful through the leadership of the Westminster Canterbury Foundation Board members and others who gave their time and energy to help us tell the story of why this campaign was important, and the impact it would have on resident lives. Thank You!

Mission 2020 also helped bring a new concept in healthcare services to life through the design of the Drinkard Center and Westminster Canterbury’s commitment to a Person Directed Living philosophy of care. The electricity in the air was palpable when we dedicated the building on June 27, 2019. Everyone wanted to see the finished structure. It’s one thing to watch the walls go up from your window. It’s another experience entirely to enter those walls and know that you helped make it possible. 

The successful conclusion of the Mission 2020 project goes beyond dollars and cents. This project is something we can all be proud of as a community.

Our Foundation will continue its work to develop philanthropic opportunities that benefit our residents, employees and programs.

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Our Fellowship Endowment Fund is the core focus of the Foundation’s activities. Donations to the Fellowship Fund provide confidential assistance to residents who may find themselves in financial difficulty through no fault of their own. Thanks to the generosity of friends and neighbors, our members are secure in the knowledge that they will always be able to live on our campus.


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Westminster Canterbury is firmly committed to helping employees who wish to continue their education. Family scholarships and the Payne Family Employee Education Fund help part-time and full-time workers pursue educational opportunities. Donations to these funds translate into a better educated and more highly skilled workforce in our community.

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It doesn’t matter what style of music you like, music connects us with memories that bring joy. You have the power to bring joy and peace to our residents by making a donation to this program. Your gift can support an hour of music, a week of music, a month or more. 

"Anything that moves you that much is also healing. I love music, but this is different…this is special."

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For more information about charitable giving at Westminster Canterbury, contact Debbie Callahan, Vice President, (434) 386-3507, or by email  click here.

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