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How does it make you feel?

It doesn’t matter what style of music you like best — gospel, jazz, classical, big band or the hits of your — music connects us with memories that bring joy.

Susan Carol is a Certified Clinical Musician who has shared music with residents at Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg and added joy to their lives for more than two years. Her one-on-one music care visits with residents in assisted living and healthcare are therapeutic, promoting relaxation and a mind-body-spirit connection.

And her teaching and leadership of the Choir Chimes group — like a bell choir but with lightweight instruments — adds positive energy to residents’ lives. She has also shared her music during Chapel and with adults receiving care through our Senior Independence Hospice program.

It’s a bright spot in my day when she comes.

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This program is provided in conjunction with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, private donors, and Westminster Canterbury.

This important, therapeutic music program needs your help to keep the music playing for our residents. Won’t you help us?

Anything that moves you that much is also healing. I love music, but this is different…this is special.

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We had the wonderful experience of hearing the union of two instruments, the harp and the harmonica. My husband, Joe, just lit up and joined right in with his harmonica.

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