Peace of Mind Today and Tomorrow.

Westminster Canterbury was founded on the principles of LifeCare and creating a retirement community that residents can be proud of. Residents live long, healthy lives without the stress or concern of wondering how an unexpected health crisis might affect their quality of life.

LifeCare at Westminster Canterbury means there will never be an additional charge to your monthly fee for healthcare services (except for the cost of additional meals and other medically-necessary ancillary fees). Your entrance fee and monthly personal services fee essentially prepay for any future care. This is why a substantial portion of your entrance fee qualifies as tax deductible under the category of prepaid healthcare expense, as well as a portion of every monthly services fee. By choosing to join Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg, Virginia:

  • You control where your healthcare services are provided, if ever needed.
  • Your care will be high-quality and ranked among the nation’s best.
  • Your family is freed from making healthcare decisions on your behalf.

There's a tremendous peace-of-mind...when you plan like this.

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As a life plan retirement community, Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg is accredited by CARF, the nation’s only accrediting body for retirement living service providers. We have been saluted for our “dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives” of our residents.

Live your life to the fullest with the comfort of knowing that your healthcare needs will be met not only today but tomorrow.

Regardless of changes in your physical or financial condition, LifeCare means healthcare services are provided for your lifetime.

Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind by putting a Westminster Canterbury Life Plan in place today.