Board of Trustees

Chair: Nancy T. Brockman
Vice Chair:  Susan G. Ackley
President & CEO:   Sean Huyett
Vice President & CFO:  Paul Shelton
V.P. Health Services:   Elizabeth Kail
V.P. Marketing & Development:   Deborah T. Callahan
Corporate Secretary:  Angela Jones
  • R. Gerald Bass
  • Robert P. Brown, Jr.
  • Becky W. Giles
  • Melissa W. Johnson
  • Robert S. Lockridge Jr., M.D.
  • Anne R. McVeigh
  • J. Robert Montgomery
  • William W. Paxton
  • William A. Stuart II
  • Mary Ellen Sydnor
  • George D. Vermilya, Jr.
  • Jeffrey W. Wilson, M.D.
  • Gorham B. Wood
  • Elizabeth M. Conzen Zellner

Holiday tribute give to westminster canterbury non profit retirement community lynchburg va

Holiday Tribute Tree

A season for giving!

Make a gift to honor special people or memorialize loved ones by making a donation to the WC Lynchburg Fellowship Endowment Fund. Each donation will become an angel displayed on our holiday trees this season!